Key States of Vote-Fraud Concern Identified by Experts & Scientists

Below is the executive summary for the report, which is available in full at the link below.

The experts involved include Eric Quinnell (Engineer); Stan Young (Statistician); Tony Cox (Statistician); Tom Davis (IT Expert); Ray Blehar (Government Analyst, ret’d); John Droz (Physicist); and an Anonymous Expert.

“Executive Overview

A team of unpaid citizen volunteer mathematicians, scientists, IT veterans, and engineers collaborated in a statistical vote analyses of selected states in the 2020 Elections. The purpose of such an analysis is not to tell what happened (ballot stuffing, machine algorithm, etc.), but rather where there were unusual results.

In this special report we are looking at what has been called vote “Dumps.” We are defining a Dump as being a 25,000+ vote differential between Presidential candidates, received/recorded at one time. We looked for such influxes for both candidates. The conclusion is that all we were able to find were net Biden Dumps (see next page, Table 1, where the states are listed alphabetically, and the dumps chronologically).

Unless otherwise noted, all data on Table 1 are from Edison time-series analysis of rates of votes added.

Again, we cannot determine exactly what happened to cause these Dumps (e.g., ballot stuffing, something legitimate, etc.), but rather where (a State) and time(s) that these unusual results took place.

To verify vote integrity, Phase 2 is to have a forensic audit done of the locations and time(s) where these suspicious Dumps were identified — which can likely resolve the what. For any questions, please contact one of the above listed authors.”

Read the full report here: 2020 Presidential Election: Startling Vote Spikes

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