Homeland Security: Spreaders of “Misinformation” Are a Terror Threat

The federal government’s Department of Homeland Security issued a National Terrorism Advisory Bulletin Monday that is worth taking note of.

You really have to read it to believe it.

It is so unbelievable that it borders on the insane. The only thing that could spark the release of such an aggressive document would be pure desperation. The criminals in our government know, that we know, that they are illegitimate, that they have violated the social contract that we have with them and they have violated it in spades.

According to this bulletin, we the people have been reclassified from citizens to terrorists; we the people pose a grave “threat” to the nation because we are guilty of promoting “mis- dis- and mal-information,” which is code language for anyone who criticizes the government’s policies on vaccines, election integrity and theoretically any other hot-button issue they don’t want to hear your opinion about.

Were you aware that we no longer have the right to express an opinion in “free” America” unless it lines up with that of the government and its corporate partners who own the legacy media, Big Tech and Big Pharma?

There’s no mention of al-Qaida, Boko Haram, ISIS, or the Chinese Communist Party in this bulletin. But there are a lot of references to things that regular, everyday Americans do every day, which is write and speak publicly about what they see happening to their country.

That the DHS would go to such an extreme as to condemn and criminalize everyday, protected political speech tells you they must be on the ropes. They must realize the narrative they’ve spent the last two years building is on the verge of crumbling. Their lies about “safe and effective” have been exposed and they are afraid they could be held accountable.

Let’s be frank. The federal government has spent the last two years terrorizing the American people, similar to the way people in Canada, Europe and Australia have been terrorized by their globalist puppet governments. In America, it started with President Trump declaring a national emergency on March 11, 2020, and it hasn’t let up since. In fact, the pressure has only intensified under the Biden administration.

They have terrorized us with their needles, their forced masking of our children, their orders of social separation and forced closures of businesses and churches that were overnight declared “non-essential.”

But when they started telling us we had no right to reject a specific medical treatment, one that was clearly unproven and risky to the long-term health of our people, they crossed a line into a whole new level of government-corporate tyranny the likes of which has never been seen in human history.

Now, on Monday, February 7, the government released a document that serves as the ultimate cherry on top of their authoritarian cake.

The Department of Homeland Security in cooperation with the FBI and the Biden administration produced a bulletin declaring that anyone who so much as speaks against these tyrannical policies will be considered a terrorist threat.

This should tell us three things.

One, the end game is nearing, the point where all of the subtle coercion to get the shots and wear the masks is over. The carrot and stick approach is over. They are pivoting to a new narrative that will likely center on war with Russia and that will give them a new boogie man to blame everything on and deflect the anger of Americans and Canadians to something other than themselves.

Two, this coming war will also give them cover to go after their political enemies. Let me be crystal clear on what I mean by this. We, the subjects of this Department of Homeland Security memo, are not violent people, criminals or traitors. These are everyday Americans and Canadians who love their countries and don’t want to see them devolve into an authoritarian nightmare. The last thing they would ever wish to do is take up arms against anyone. We prefer to see things fought out in the courts, not the battlefield.

Three, the coming war will also put further pressure on already dwindling food supplies, giving the government the option of hording what’s left of the food and doling it out to the obedient ones. In short, they will use food to entice people into the totalitarian system that folks would otherwise reject. This will mean you carry an app on your phone that gives them access to your every move and allows you into certain places after you show your digital papers.

The timing of the DHS document is instructive.

It comes just as we are seeing the biggest movement to date against the onslaught of medical tyranny, that being the Truckers Freedom Convoy in Canada and now spreading throughout the formerly free world. It also comes as we head into the 2022 election season and the Covid scare is beginning to wear off with millions of people. They need a bigger emergency that will allow them to postpone the elections, blame their political enemies for everything and tie them to the boogieman, which is the Russians.

As the saying goes, all’s fair in love and war.

You get into a war and every legal protection gets thrown out the door. What’s left of the Constitution gets thrown out the door. Look what happened to the thousands of patriotic Japanese-Americans during World War II. They had their property seized and they were thrown into internment camps.

Read the DHS document and you can see the stage being set by the entity in Washington that calls itself our government. This time it won’t be Japanese-Americans. It will be everyone who dares open their mouths publicly to criticize the rogue totalitarian entity in Washington.

Biden talks like he hates Trump and Trump talks like he hates Biden. At this point, I don’t believe anything either one of them says. I have reason to doubt that such rhetoric is anything more than political theater with the leader of each party playing their well-rehearsed roles.

Trump set the ball in motion with his declaration of a national emergency and the launching of his “operation warp speed” while claiming the government would never try to mandate the injections. Trump also signed the CARES Act, which to this day is being used to financially incentivize hospitals to invoke certain treatment protocols that have proved deadly.

Biden picked up the ball, which had already been advanced to the 50-yard line by his predecessor, and moved it farther up the field with mandates, gaslighting rhetoric against the vaccine refusniks, and then siccing the FBI and DHS on the American people, raiding the homes of home-school mothers like they did in Colorado a few months ago and honest journalists such as Project Veritas like they did in New York. Now they’re trying to further intimidate good patriotic people into silence by declaring them terrorist threats.

But guess what Mr. DOJ chief Merrick Garland and Mr. DHS chief Alejandro Mayorkas? We are not afraid of you. We the people will stand our ground, keeping our heads held high in the knowledge that truth and justice always has a way of prevailing. You will not silence our voices. By your actions and words in this bulletin you prove that everything we’ve said about you is true. You are a rogue entity. You don’t answer to the people. You are not accountable to voters, taxpayers or law-abiding citizens. You are criminals and you are inviting, provoking and hoping that we will strike out in violence against you. You never took the time to understand us because you didn’t want to understand us, just like Trudeau in Canada never wanted to sit down and hear the grievances of the peaceful trucker movement.

No, all you wanted was to destroy us. That was your plan all along. But you miscalculated. You really thought you could intimidate us and get us to change our messages of truth.

Justice is waiting for you because we the people, we the peaceful ones, we the freedom-loving Americans and Canadians outnumber you and will not submit to your tyranny. Ever.

Pray for the peace of America, Canada and the world. Prepare for the real possibility that these war-mongering globalist predators affiliated with the World Economic Forum and the Great Reset are about to yank peace from the earth and unleash a bloody war.

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