States Must Resist Federal Abuse, Lt. Gov. McGeachin Tells The Sentinel Report

State government can and must resist the unconstitutional abuse and control coming from the Biden administration, even if it means foregoing federal funds, Idaho Lt. Gov. Janice McGeachin told Alex Newman on the February 8 episode of The Sentinel Report on Frank Speech TV.

Lt. Gov. McGeachin, whose gubernatorial campaign is being supported by Donald Trump, gained national prominence after striking down tyrannical COVID measures as acting governor when Gov. Brad Little left the state. She also created a task force to investigate the Marxist indoctrination in government schools.

One of her top concerns–and one of the top concerns of voters in her state–is election integrity and voter fraud. In this interview, she described how Gov. Little banned in-person voting due to “COVID.” She also said this issue will be front and center when she is elected governor.

Don’t miss this interview with a rising political star and Idaho’s next governor!

Before bring on Lt. Gov. McGeachin, Alex Newman went through the news, as well. Below are some key takeaways:

–DC brainwash camp forced masked Kindergarten children to march around with “Black Lives Matter” signs chanting Black Lives Matter. Watch the video here.

–The Biden administration will squander $1 billion in tax money to prod and coerce American farmers and ranchers to “fight climate change” and slash their “emissions” by 50% over the next 8 years.

–The Biden administration is bribing doctors to push COVID shots on children through the Medicaid health insurance program, even though children are at NO risk from COVID.

–Heavily armed German police raided an “illegal” school created by parents to avoid mask mandates and other COVID madness, sparking concerns about rising totalitarianism in the nation with an ugly history of such problems.

–With midterms now in focus, Democrats are increasingly working to ease COVID tyranny. New Jersey and Delaware governors just ended mask mandates for children in their states.

–Antifa activist David Zegerac was accused of ramming his car into peaceful protestors as part of a terrorist attack against the Freedom Convoy.

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In other words, YOU are the terror threat, according to the unhinged regime in Washington, DC. Read the report on

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