Woodstock Summer of Love Meets Ottawa Freedom Convoy Winter of Love: An Unfiltered Frontline Report

Written by Blaise Vanne

As I have written about earlier, I am a long-time Ottawa native, who lived, worked and shopped literally a few blocks from ground zero of the current.  I even had my wedding reception and spent my wedding night in the background of what you see in the background of the pictures and videos (don’t worry, we headed out south for a honeymoon a few days later…. I’m not that cheap!) . My best man still lives a couple blocks from the pictures you are seeing.

The goal of this article is simple: There are a number of videographers who are – in contrast to the explicitly fraudulent Canadian Broadcasting Corp., CTV, and others in what passes for “news – simply on the ground recording, without comment, what is going on on the ground. Ottawalks, is one place to start. The 4kGuy such as here, is another. At least until YouTube bans them, too.

I daresay once you simply watch even a small part of these videos, you will come to the conclusion that, sadly, our mainstream media is simply lying through their teeth. How do I know? I lived there. I know each block of these streets. I even know how to walk home in the rain from downtime to my old place in Lowertown when I have forgotten my umbrella and don’t want to get to wet, cutting through various buildings, under other buildings with awnings, through Hudon’s Bay and its overpass, etc.

From the Iron Curtain to Canada

What is the protest really about? Here is a Romanian refugee from communism under Nicolae Ceaușescu speaking.  (And for your reference, here is a brief primer on Ceaușescu so you aren’t one of those whom, as philosopher George Santayana wrote about, Those who forget history are condemned to repeat it). This ordinary, salt of the earth trucker sees very similar tendencies in Mr. Trudeau as he saw in Communist Romania. Hear him speak, in his own words, unfiltered by the rich media elite (and recall that as the truckers were given $10 million from GoFundMe, which this corrupt group later basically stole,  recall that Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was given $1.2 billlion dollars, so they can use your own taxpayer money against you. And with that kind of money,  you can surmise CBC elite are not bringing peanut butter sandwiches to work like us flyover country serfs!).   

Romanian trucker highlights parallels between Trudeau tyranny and Ceaușescu’s.

As I have repeatedly noted, and show below in screen grabs, this Romanian trucker illustrated exactly and precisely why the Deep State elite, the WEF, George Soros, Bill Gates, et al will lose. As a microcosm of a much larger truth, they key point is: the elite do not have the human terrain. Just as the Soviets and Ceaușescu did not have their people’s hearts or minds. In fact, as this trucker says, the elite are even uniting the Quebecois and the English to throw off the common oppressor. Quoting his fellow Quebecois trucker I always said I am a Quebecois, but now I have become a Canadian.  Uniting the French and the English in Canada, after hundreds of years of animosity… only the arrogant elite in their echo chambers could accomplish as much. Note that I also lived in Quebec, and when living on the Ottawa side of the river, many nights my evening stroll was across the Alexandra bridge into Quebec and back. I also have swum many times at Meech Lake, Quebec, site of the Meech Lake Accord that was supposed to end the French/English wars forever.  I know whereof I speak when it comes to reliving the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, where the French lost Quebec in 1759.

But not only are the elite, under their puppet Trudeau,  uniting French and English, they are even uniting Americans and Canadians. And worse, they are even losing their own: here is RCMP Corporal Bulford – who was directly on the detail personally protecting Trudeau speaking live while resigning from his position in the Mounties due to elite over-reach. Is this Mountie alone? Hardly. The last living author of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, former premier Brian Peckford also begs to object to this egregious overreach.

If you are a reader in the US, think perhaps of Thomas Jefferson actively speaking out about those corrupting the US Constitution that he, Jefferson, himself wrote. Peckford explicitly said the exact same thing as RCMP Corporal Daniel Bulford, that the Trudeau government has failed to demonstrably justify their infringements on our fundamental freedoms. Other rights that are being violated, per Mountie Bulford in the link above, are our rights enter and remain in Canada, the right – as enumerated in Section 8 – against unreasonable search and seizure, and the right to life and liberty.

Regarding personal medical information, Corporal Bulford notes that even if he needed, in his official capacity as a Mountie, to get medical information from a victim of a crime, he had to get consent from a hospital, or get it from a difficult to obtain judicial warrant. Not anymore. Under fasco-Marxist puppet Trudeau, all your rights, gentle serf, are gone. Finis. Canadians also have a right against being arbitrarily detained, such as in the detention facility outside of Saskatoon, SK in operation right now to detain Covid “untermenschen.” Bulford adds that Trudeau’s government has engaged in a gigantic overreach into the fundamental freedoms of every citizen in the country. Concludes Bulford: I have drawn my line in the sand. No more silence and compliance from me.

Peckford, per the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, has actually filed a lawsuit in federal court over the lockdowns and vaccine requirements for air travel, which is in violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms  – which is the law of the land – and which he, himself, was co-author of.  Here is the official Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms for your reference. Don’t trust me… read it yourself. Then consider if perhaps Mr. Trudeau should, himself, be brought before a court and tried for treason. Here is Peckford himself speaking, live. Listen and make your own judgement – outside of the fake news.

The Law of Unexpected Consequences

You will see if you watch the video links, that there is an occasional US flag combined together with Canadian flags, illustrating cross-national unity, and some Gadsden Don’t Tread on Me flags – which were originally American, but now appropriated by Canadians. American readers may not know, but there can occasionally be a severe antipathy by Canadians against Americans, just like the French have against the English. I personally have close friends and some family members that had some serious dislike of Americans.  However, as you see with Canadians appropriating Gadsden flags – which were originally used against their Loyalist forebears (and the motto of Ontario is, you might like to know, Loyal She Remains) there is a united front against the elite. French, English, men, women, Canadian, American, western Canadians (who don’t like the easterners!) and Torontonians… how could this massively broad unity come about? The answer is obvious. Moreover, you will notice a very large number of young people. How did the elite, who own the educational system as part of their Frankfurt School/Gramscian takeover of education, nevertheless manage to lose the young?

Thanks for uniting the French and English! Nothing ever has worked… until this oppression. See the Quebec flag at left… or see the hundred of Quebec flags in the videos.

How have the elite unite us? Here’s how: There are some ideas so absurd that only an intellectual could believe them – George Orwell.

Now, my proposal to you, gentle reader, is simple. Several videographers have documented, at length, what is going on  but with very little comment – they just walk the street and let the images speak for themselves. Just like Ottawalks, another videographer is The 4K Guy with  drone footage on YouTube (until its banned) here. Make your own decision without the elite telling you what to think. We are all pressed for time, so the advantage is that you can  fast forward or choose sections to view.

And it’s not just Ottawa. Here’s Toronto up in revolt; my brother-in-law, who was in the protest convoy from Hamilton to part way to Ottawa, said virtually every overpass was absolutely packed with supporters. And Alberta has also not only shut down with the US border at Coutts, now the Alberta cowboys (Alberta is the Texas of Canada) have joined the shutdown. (Note that I also lived in Alberta and BC for years, and consider myself more a westerner, truth be told.). Watch yourself and see if the elite have the hearts of the people!

And this has also morphed into small towns, and even among the very young. Here in Drayton Valley, Alberta (I am also a former resident of Edmonton, Alberta as well) young early teen kids walk out of their school over mask mandates.  That is, what the elite media would call your “typical racist, hate filled white supremacists” – and whose teacher threatened to dock their grades 25% if they dared take off their masks. You know… those self-same masks that are now not being used in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark the UK, Ireland, and other countries, because they simply don’t work, as the holes in the masks are around 1000 times larger than the virus. And while these agents of the deep state school teachers force lockdowns, perhaps the premier medical institution in the world, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Medicine, just came out and said  that lockdowns should be rejected out of hand.  Their words, not mine – just read the link.

With the New Media, You No Longer Need the Elite to Filter What You See

Truth is people are coming out in -20 C (-5 F) Ottawa temperatures, in numbers that are close to the masses on Parliament Hill on a pleasant 25C/80 F Canada Day on July 1st. Don’t believe me? See Ottawa native Ottawalks here as walks the city, estimate you own numbers.  I can only urge you as strongly as I can, again,  to watch Ottawalks on YouTube, or 4KGuy (or others) to get a real, unfiltered view from the street level.  Screen grabs are in this article to help; of course, we are all time challenged!  

One more point, at this critical Ottawalks video here: This protest is good natured and fun. It’s almost a jovial street dance (see 35 min mark; but hey! If you don’t dance in the cold, you will freeze to death!). Or if you can’t dance, perhaps try a pickup hockey game right in front of Parliament Hill on Wellington Street, as here (or as shown below, or watch the kiddie playgrounds to help out the protesting young parents, also below). Ever seen kiddie playground, fun dances and people giving out free hot chocolate at Antifa rallies? Nah, didn’t think so, for they were violent and hate-filled.

 Mayor Durkin of Seattle justified their Antifa protest as a “summer of love” – but it ended up with multiple people murdered, and multiple buildings with windows smashed, just like what Hitler’s Antifa-like brownshirt street thugs did during 1938’s Kristallnacht (Night of the Broken Windows against the Jews. And how, exactly, did Seattle, or Portland,  and Hitler’s Kristallnacht differ? Both broke windows; both burned or suppressed books (the literal book burnings in Portland, which I have personally viewed, is, of course, now removed). Seattle’s protest was more like the 1969 Altamont rock concert stabbed to death, two hit and run deaths, and more.

Woodstock Summer of Love Meets the Ottawa Truckers Winter of Love

In contrast this protest is more akin to Woodstock Summer of Love Music Festival meets Ottawa Truckers Protest Free Hugs and Chocolate Festival. Starting after the one hour mark at the link above, review the link for a stand-up comedian on the protest main platform, that  person giving out free hot chocolate, a dance party at one main intersection, more  kiddie play facilities, and a street hockey game. This is supposed to be some hate-filled, racist rally? If Mr. Trudeau is looking for racism, perhaps he ought to look at his own past racism and his blackface pictures; see also here. These pictures were verified, and Trudeau has admitted he actually does not know how many more exist. Racism indeed.

The Ottawa protest… the next best thing to Cirque du Soleil? Here’s a street juggler at the protest. Any street jugglers you saw in Portland, Seattle or Minneapolis Antifa riots?

But it is not just the truckers protesting. In addition to them, now the farmers have joined, as shown here (46 min mark). I walked by this intersection every day of my life for years to go to work, shop, and take my fiancé out for coffee or desert.

The next gambit from the fake news, at the 1:34 mark at the link above was that Trudeau said the protesters are stealing food from the old food panty that was a two blocks from my old residence, when they have what you see below (as well as that free hot chocolate being given to everyone. See here for yet another free food depot, 13 min mark)

Or see here, with a makeshift restaurant built amidst the freedom convoy protest. And the fake news still want to push their “food stealing” narrative? Can’t they figure out some more novel lies?

Yes… the protesters are “haters” too. Such as this obviously hate ridden woman at left, giving free hugs… or the kiddie throwing games for four year olds (See 1:36 min mark).

There’s Mainstream Media Hate… and Then There is  Real Hate

But if you are looking for real haters, see where hate-filled leftists actually tried to run over and kill freedom protesters in Manitoba: National File wrote about the Winnipeg, Manitoba protest: At least three people have been injured in Winnipeg, Canada after the driver of a white SUV appeared to deliberately slam into members of the nation’s massive Freedom Convoy, which is being led by truck drivers as they protest the far-left Trudeau regime’s continued COVID lockdowns, plus mask and jab mandates. Western Standard also wrote further on this here, Or see the video here where some hate-filled leftist accelerates over a protester.

Said one witness in Winnipeg:  They call us racist, [they say] we’re violent and we’re breaking stuff…look at what’s going on. This is ridiculous! [The driver] clips three people with his vehicle and decides that he’s going to hit another guy full-on, lands on the guy’s foot, and rolls off.”

Now, watch the kabuki theatre short clip found on Twitter, here, or as below. Really? This is an assault? Truth is, I have been hit harder in junior high flag football than this likely Soros-paid actor was. And for you basketball players, you know exactly how this is done, the “flop and drop” to draw a charging foul, of which Dennis Rodman of the Bulls was an expert during the Michael Jordan days. And you will notice, as compared to the above episode, the driver – instead of accelerating like the Winnipeg leftist, he immediately stopped and other protesters rushed to the person’s aid.  What is domestic terrorism, Mssr. Cheong, is your Trudeau government destroying the lives and careers of millions, including thousands of child suicides. But, Mr. Cheong, don’t let your intellectual dishonesty bother you.

The truth is, as you see below, the protesters have even stockpiled shovels to shovel the streets out of civic duty, here, 15 min mark, and have food available, even for the homeless (17 min. mark). “Stealing from food pantries” Mr.-In-Hiding-Trudeau said? Yeah, probably some George Soros paid anti-freedom types did that, too, for as you can see, there was and is zero need to steal food.

But don’t worry about the pro-freedom Winnipeg protester, who was accelerated over by the leftist above.  Now the police are calling it merely “a hit-and-run accident,” (hit and runs are now ok?) despite video footage showing the driver appearing to deliberately swerve to take out as many anti-lockdown demonstrators as possible, ultimately injuring four (it was a miracle no one was killed!).

But if you want protester hate, remember the Seattle CHOP murders, as here: Latest Seattle CHOP shooting kills 16-year-old boy, critically wounds 14-year-old boy. Remember the burnings in Portland, as here:  It Took Six Months Of Rioting, Millions In Property Damage For Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler To Escalate Law Enforcement Efforts Against Antifa  Or recall the burning of native Indian heritage building in Minneapolis (yes, Antifa burned Native American heritage buildings during their riots, which the mainstream media “forgot” to report, but reported here in Native Business Magazine, or here, where Migizi, a Native American nonprofit in Minneapolis, and had raised more than $1 million to buy and renovate a place where Native American teenagers could learn about their culture, had their building burned down by Antifa types, also reported on here.

The truth is that if the protesters are misogynists are racists, why is one of the leaders, Tamara Lich, both a woman and part Metis? Would mocking-blacks Mssr. “Blackface” Trudeau care to comment on this? Would Mr. Trudeau, once he removes the shoe polish from his face, care to comment to black Canadian freedom patriot Chris W. Morris after he apologized to part Metis Ms. Lich?  

The Elite Are Losing Control of the Narrative, Pure and Simple

The truth is, there are major cracks appearing in the fasco-Marxist façade. Saskatchewan Premier Moe is one example, where he is planning on ending all lockdowns in his province – to join Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, UK and Ireland who have already done the same.

The truth is, the lockdown types do not have the human terrain. In fact, when the vile Ottawa mayor tried to get tow truck companies to tow the protester truck, they refused, claiming they “all had Covid.” See also Ottawa Mayor Tries to Tow Truckers, Tow Truckers Claim They Have Covid! or here, here or here.

In response to this, all Blackface Trudeau has is the usual cliches: “Russia did it”; or the left trots out their usual gambits, such as Confederate flag in Majors Hill Park that was clearly carried by a completely masked Antifa style leftist, and which occurred in the very far reaches of Majors Hill Park. Ditto with the fake Nazi flag incident. There was reportedly one assault, but having a watched the interviewee, my thoughts are that this person was either a shill paid to lie, or else perhaps some street thugs took advantage in an area that was far out of the way of the main protest. Either way, the attempt to smear the protesters is just the “same ol’ same ol’” puerile gambit. It’s always “Russia,’ or “They are haters.” What’s the next cliché? “23 Skidoo” from the Roaring 20s? Any other hackneyed cliches they can trot out?   And, in something that is mirror image of the statesmanship of a Churchill, Trudeau supposedly got Covid and was suddenly “unavailable” to talk to the people he is supposed to serve.  Truth is, Trudeau – along with  his Tripartite pact crony Biden  is deer in the headlights who doesn’t even have the dignity to talk to the people who employ him.  

The WEF, with every antic (lastest report is they will arrest people providing fuel and food to anyone protesting), is uniting the people.  We have nothing left to lose, and as Celente says, when people lose everything, they lose it.

We’re going to win this battle, with our calling card of human dignity and joy, which these soul-less cyborgs pretending to human have no idea of,  and there is no contingency plan to fight joy, freedom and live. The only example you need of why they will lose is to look at their soul-less faces… for as Abraham Lincoln once said, after 40 years old, every man is responsible for his own face. You and I might age, but it will not be with that amoral, vacant, ghoulish look the elite have. Or as another wag once put it, referencing that empty misanthropic stare, his punishment is his face.  The next stop for the elite, given that they don’t have the human terrain – which is you and me, dear reader – will be the helicopter episode below. You need an example: As just one example of them losing ground, as of  Feb., 7,  GiveSendGo – the replacement for the corrupt, morally compromised GoFundMe – had already replaced, within a few days (!) $5 million dollars of the $10 million the moral midgets at GoFundMe had…ummm…. “appropriated” and were likely going to redirect to a (can you say “George Soros approved?) fake charity.  

I hope Mssrs. Gates. Soros, Schwab, Biden keep their evacuation helicopters warmed up. If the Canadian truckers get any further out of hand, they just may need them.

Blaise Vanne is a dual US and Canadian citizen, having lived half his adult life in both countries, but currently living in the Chicago, IL. area. Along with his dual citizenship, which allows for a less common perspective on today’s events, he has completed graduate degrees at both University of Illinois, Urbana, as well as the University of British Columbia. Having originally taught on the post-secondary in western Canada, he is now actively employed in the health care field, but keeps alive his first love, research and writing.

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