How to Unleash the Power of your Local Republican Party

“All politics are local.”

The grassroots city, county, and statewide political actions of citizens and elected officials can truly make a lasting, profound impact, explained Dr. Steven Pyle, a resident of Volusia County, Florida, who is running for chairman of the Volusia County Republican Executive Committee.

Your local Republican party has a vast amount of power that is seldom realized or released, Dr. Pyle revealed to Alex Newman, the host of The Sentinel Report.

Dr. Pyle encourages viewers to get involved at the local level with their Republican party. Your effort can make a big difference!

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In the news, Alex covers:

1–The bank that closed former Brexit leader Nigel Farage’s accounts over his political views recently reversed itself, and now Farage is campaigning to put an end to what he called the “national debanking scandal.”

2–Florida Welcomes Prager U Content in Government Schools: Radical Leftists, Anti-American zealots, and fake-news propagandists are in an uproar.

3–Tennessee School District Taught Staff That Christians Are “Privileged.” 
Teachers and staff at a Tennessee government school district were taught that Christians, heterosexuals, men, “cisgender” people, and descendants of Europeans have “privilege,” while women, pagans, “people of color,” “polyamorous” people, and homosexuals are supposedly oppressed. The scandalous Marxist-style training is causing outrage across Tennessee and nationwide. Begging school boards to stop has been tried for decades without success. Only a massive exit from the government’s pseudo-“education” system will save America. 

4–Ratings agency Fitch downgrades US debt amid soaring debt, out-of-control spending, massive inflation, lawlessness, and more. The U.S. Treasury Secretary fervently disagrees. 

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  1. Our local republican government has all but given into the democrats. A republican hasn’t been elected here in my area in a long time. I still vote, but nothing changes or very little.

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