James O’Keefe on the Spiritual Battle & Real Journalism: Focal Point with Alex Newman

The separation of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, the non-profit undercover journalism organization founded by O’Keefe in 2010, sent shockwaves through the American media.

The author of two books, American Pravda and American Muckraker, James O’Keefe shares in this long-form interview with Alex Newman for American Media Periscope his perspective behind the unexpected split from his brainchild, Project Veritas, and his assessment of the state of our nation.

When asked by Newman about what is ultimately behind the conspiracy against America, O’Keefe responded, “It has totally become a spiritual battle. I can totally see it now; I did not see it a year ago.” O’Keefe continued, “It is not left versus right or anything like that. It’s just good versus evil now, and we’ve all seen it. Everyone watching has seen it—in your neighborhood, in your family, with your employer. If I’ve seen it at Project Veritas, that was a line in the sand. . .If Project Veritas goes, then what?” O’Keefe explained. 

In this must-see interview, Alex and James also discuss his childhood and what sparked his love for true journalistic integrity and reporting. Do not miss this exclusive conversation!

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  1. At 29:29 Jovan stated when they tell you in advance, you can’t prosecute them. No idea what he is talking about there. Of course you can; there is no immunity for that. Could argue it makes for a harder case, but doesn’t knock down established laws.

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