Jovan Pulitzer: REAL Solutions for Fighting Election Crimes – Focal Point with Alex Newman

Jovan Pulitzer, a technological wizard, entrepreneur, patent holder, and election integrity expert, sits down in this exclusive interview for American Media Periscope with Alex Newman and discusses real answers and provides REAL solutions to combat election crimes and fraud. 

“You have to understand. . .that [voting] machine will never change a vote, ever,” Jovan, the host of the “Cut the Crap” podcast explained. “Unless you can modify the paper, the people, or the programs. . .and that’s where we lose it. Because we focus on machines and getting rid of the machines. . . there are 21 million bad voters on our rolls. We can throw away the machines, and they are still going to vote.” 

You will not want to miss this interview, which provides commentary and insight on election integrity that will encourage and educate you!

Watch all of the Focal Point Doral Sessions at American Media Periscope!

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