Jews Must Exit The Left

In this episode of The Sentinel Report on Lindell TV, Alex Newman, the co-author of the book, “Crimes of the Educators,” interviews Charles Moscowitz to discuss his latest book “The Case for JEXIT: The American Jewish Exodus from the Left.”

Next up on the show, Alex talks with David Fiorazo, the host of the new show Worldview Matters on Freedom Project Media, to discuss the biblical Christian worldview and why it matters.

In the news, Alex covers:

1-Most Britons are more concerned about the soaring cost of living than alleged man-made global warming, a new poll by Ipsos found. Will that stop their political class from shredding what’s left of the economy to save the planet from the climate boogeyman? Don’t count on it!

2–District Turns to Phonics After Decades of Handicapping Students with Quackery After decades of handicapping children using discredited methods for “reading” instruction, a major school district in Texas is finally turning to phonics, drawing praise from advocates for reading reform but surprisingly few calls for accountability. The new phonics program is replacing the “whole language” quackery starting this school year as the trend gains momentum nationwide. According to multiple news reports, the Midland Independent School District (ISD) in Texas was suffering from catastrophic levels of reading failure, with about half of third graders unable to read at a proficient level. A new Associate Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Ashley Osborn, plans to change that by adopting what she and many others have started referring to as the “science of reading.”

“For us, there’s no debate: Students deserve the best instruction possible, and when it comes to reading instruction, particularly for our youngest learners, phonics is the most-effective method according to the vast body of research available,” Osborne was quoted as saying in media reports. “Phonics breaks down not only the word but also the letter sounds and how we blend those letter sounds.”

Because English uses a phonetic writing system, where each letter represents one or more sounds, it is critical that people learn phonics to be able to read. However, for almost a century now, government schools across the United States have in essence been teaching children to memorize whole words as if the words themselves were symbols. Experts have warned about this since the mid-1800s.

Osborne, who has been in her role at Midland ISD for about half a year, has been advocating for the change to phonics as critical to students. “Reading is the foundation of all other learning, and literacy has a strong tie to success as adults,” she said. “We work to ensure that all students are prepared and ready for college or a career, and establishing solid literacy skills is a key component to realizing our mission.”

And solid literacy skills come only from learning phonics, she explained, correctly. “In those primary grades – so kinder, first, second – …it is critical that our students have access to phonics-based approach so that they can gain those skills to be able to decode and encode words, and be able to put those together and actually read,” said Osborne, one of a growing number of education officials nationwide.

Students already damaged by the quackery will have an opportunity to get some remedial instruction, too. “Older students who were taught via the whole-language method are included in the phonics curriculum,” said Andrea Messick, executive director of teaching and learning. “That’s why we’re implementing a suite of methods that teach children phonics from the outset and catch any students who didn’t have phonics in their primary years.”

This change will benefit students in many other ways. “A student who can’t read will fail in all other content areas,” Messick added. “By moving to a phonics-based reading curriculum, we’re confident students will see a lift as a whole academically. Students who have strong reading comprehension have greater self-esteem. And they’ll carry this confidence with them beyond graduation.”

The district and many others across the country are tacitly admitting what experts have been exposing since Horace Mann first introduced whole-word methods in Massachusetts — that the quackery used by public schools under the guise of “teaching reading” was actually doing the opposite, leaving children permanently disabled and unable to learn how to read properly.

How there can be no major calls for accountability for the millions of victims whose lives suffered as a direct result of this is beyond astounding. Perhaps even more stunning, though, is that any parent with common sense could ever trust government schools to “educate” their children. It is time for accountability and real investigations into what happened. 

3– North Korea’s Kim to Meet With Putin: U.S. Intelligence

From The New American: On September 4, The New York Times reported, citing sources within the U.S. intelligence community, that North Korean authoritarian leader Kim Jong-un intends to make a rare trip to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin and talk about weapons deliveries by North Korea to Russia for its war in Ukraine.

Although Moscow and Pyongyang have yet to confirm this purported meeting, it is poised to take place during the Eastern Economic Forum from September 10 to 13 in Vladivostok, Russia.

The same report indicated that Russia plans to obtain artillery shells and anti-tank missiles from North Korea. In exchange, the Russians would supply the North Koreans with advanced technology for satellites and nuclear-powered submarines. Citing U.S. intelligence sources, the report posited that Kim intended to discuss “the possibility of supplying Russia with more weaponry for its war in Ukraine and other military cooperation.” Kim, who seldom leaves North Korea and mainly travels by train, would reportedly travel to Vladivostok “probably by armored train” to meet Putin, whom he last met in Vladivostok in 2019.

4– From The New American: Bill Gates wants to destroy 70 million acres of trees across the United States and bury the timber underground.

According to Slay News, it’s part of the billionaire eugenist’s plans to save Mother Earth from climate change.

The project is a venture of Kodama Systems, a fledgling forest-management company that aims to thin overgrown forests and “utilize excess biomass at scale.”

Last December, several investors, including Bill Gates’ private investment firm, Breakthrough Energy, pumped $6.6 million into the project.

Additionally, Kodama and its research partner, Yale University’s Carbon Containment Lab, received a $250,000 research grant from the financial services company Stripe, Inc. According to MIT Technology Review, they’re using those funds to support a pilot effort to bury the wood in the Nevada desert and “study how well it prevents the release of greenhouse gases that drive climate change.”

5– From The Post Millennial: Denver’s city council has unanimously approved a $4.7 million payout to over 300 Black Lives Matter protestors who took part in the 2020 George Floyd riots. 
The group filed a class action lawsuit against the city, claiming that their First Amendment rights had been violated by the Denver Police Department when they were arrested for violating an emergency curfew put in place by officials to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.
According to CBS Colorado, it was alleged that Denver “used its militarized police force to unlawfully arrest” the demonstrators, with officers’ actions amounting to “violent suppression of free speech.”

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  1. Friends, Is this analysis of the Federal Reserve operation of interest ?
    My graduate professor teaching a course of Money and Banking informed the class that Deficit Spending Treasury securities [DS] were transferred from the U.S. Treasury to the Federal Reserve to begin the creation of Book-Entry credit for government to spend. The research analysis pasted below, written decades after academic study, traces the flow of funds from the FR disposition of the security. Information from TreasuryDirect [TD] Institutional tabulations reveals that components of the DS securities are added to auctioned securities for redeeming maturing securities in the market. The auctions exceed $15 trillion annually. 31 CFR §375.3 identifies the FRBNY has exclusive control to the handling of auction funds and any related action they wish to claim. The relevant accounts are client accounts [not operational accounts] and have never been audited. TD apparently historically tabulated the separated DS components as ‘new cash.’ TD responded to inquiries as to disposition of New Cash by saying they paid government bills.

    The claim was bogus. Such a flow of funds [from market to government] would not result in inflation nor would it add to the National Debt. The funds from DS securities [which total to $32 Trillion over 100 years] had to go to a private entity. The covert shareholders of the FR Board of Governors, Inc., or a closely held corporation of a similar name, is an assumed destination. The funds, as profit, legally belong to the government. The GAO has standing authority to audit any handling of such government money. The Bloomberg v Fed case, 2nd Circuit CoA, 2010, identifies such records subject to FOIA.

    Does this analysis have an obvious flaw that has escaped the writer?

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