UN Seeks “Digital World Brain” & Digitalization of Everything, Warns Dr. Nordangard

Through efforts of the United Nations and organizations aligned with it, technology and digitalization are converging into a “digital world brain” that will end up dominating the planet if people do not stop it, warned Swedish academic Dr. Jacob Nordangard in this interview on Conversations That Matter with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. A lot of this is coming down the pike in the form of the UN’s “Our Common Agenda,” added Dr. Nordangard, who has taught at numerous universities in Sweden and wrote several books exposing the global agenda. Dr. Nordangard also shares some insights into how people can fight back against this evil agenda as well as the timeline of the elitists.

1 thought on “UN Seeks “Digital World Brain” & Digitalization of Everything, Warns Dr. Nordangard”

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    Recognizing Truth

    Take advantage of the basic tenet: Garbage in, garbage out.
    Feed the “digital brain” as much garbage as you can.

    Watch it self destruct.

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