What Jesus Ordained Shall Come to Pass: Stand Strong

Two thousand years ago,  Jesus told His followers of things to come during the last days.  He warned of widespread cataclysm and the rise of evil unlike anything the human race has experienced.  The metaphor He employed as descriptor,  is the birth pains women suffer during labor.  Equating coming events to the rapidly increasing pain as times elapse and the world grows increasingly darker.

Today,  we are able to draw distinct correlations between scripture as the light of the world is dimmed by unspeakable wickedness, indifference,  and division.  Everything He foretold is rising as a giant disturbed in his slumber.  Centuries of prophesied events rise to meet humanity,  casting a shadow that will not be satiated as mere mortals are overrun by the machinations of malicious agencies.  In the midst of this utter confusion,  we have been tasked to unmask the entities seeking to obliterate everything we hold dear.

When Jesus was questioned by his disciples,  He elaborated on the series of events to usher in the rule of Satan for a time of strife permitted to wake a sleeping world.  Most prominently,  Jesus warned that these days would be characterized by a deception so grand that few will be able to discern between truth and fiction.  Time and time again,  Jesus warned that no one should deceive us.  As time passes by, deception seeps through every crack and crevice of a divided planet.

Jesus warned of wars and rumors of wars,  of famine and pestilence and racial division on a scale no single person has witnessed before.  All of these evils will escalate,  reminiscent of the labor pains predicted so long ago.  In the midst of all this hardship, we are to be messengers to the lost and bring hope to those trapped by relentless onslaughts.  Armed with the knowledge of things to unfold,  all disciples are to lift the veil so the enemy of God would be exposed as time draws to a close.

These days,  nearly every headline speaks of the deception, hatred, and turmoil predicted on an olive mound by the Son of God.  From BLM and Antifa driving ethnic strife,  to senseless mandates that carves away at all the rights and freedoms ordained by God,  we have reached a crossroads designed to obliterate mind and spirit.  Now evil is growing bolder with every passing hour,  bringing unbearable pressures to the doorstep of each and every one.  So many blindly struggling to make sense of an all-intrusive madness.  Unrelenting darkness engulfs our, once peaceful lives but one thing remains sure,  not a single word of God will be left unfulfilled. 

The stern warnings issued by Jesus Christ has become the only compass that can direct us towards victory in the middle of unprecedented world events.  In spite of this giant taunting God and His creation,  we find refuge in the hope that this must come to pass in order to usher in a new day.  We are the witnesses armed with the greatest weapon ever forged,  the Word of God.  While deception is rife and boundless imaginations of those seeking to overturn the order God set in place, our gaze must remain fixed on the ultimate truth, for truth is a thorn to the enemy as it shines through all that would attempt to obscure it.  This world will pass away,  but every word of God will echo in eternity.

4 thoughts on “What Jesus Ordained Shall Come to Pass: Stand Strong”

  1. Amen! As the world marches forward in its self-ordained madness in opposing everything established by our Creator/God, they are simply fulfilling the very prophecies foretold by the prophets of God. Their unrighteous suppression of the Truth brings ever closer the judgment and the wrath of God upon them and the return of the Lord for His bride, the church. Maranatha!

    1. That’s exactly right my friend. It seems that Satan is unable to recollect every prophecy he was unable to stop. Those yet future, will play out exactly as God foretold and the enemy will not escape judgment. I Cor 6:3

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