Transhumanism & the War on Humanity, Lawmakers Battle ESG & BRICS Aiming at Dollar

The “transhumanism” movement poses an existential threat to humanity as technology such as Artificial Intelligence, brain-computer interfaces and genetic modification continue to develop at a rapid pace, explained author and expert Joe Allan in this episode of Liberty Hour on AMP with host Alex Newman.

Also joining the show was Missouri Representative Justin Sparks, who filed legislation to rein in “ESG” scores, which he says are an effort to sidestep the American people’s elected representatives as megabanks and investment houses work to reshape every element of society.

Finally, Dr. Kirk Elliot joins to discuss the recent BRICS meeting and the emerging plan to sideline the U.S. dollar as the global reserve currency. He calls it one of the most significant economic shifts imaginable.

In news, Alex discusses Trump calling on vaccine makers to share their data, the accelerating push for another round of COVID tyranny, the ongoing persecution of patriots by the Biden administration, economic turmoil ahead, the National Day of Remembrance for the 65 million babies killed in abortion, and much more.

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