Mother Miriam Urges Parents to Rescue Children from Public School

Prominent Catholic talk show host Mother Miriam read parts of The New American magazine’s Special Report “Rescuing Our Children” on her enormously popular show.

The respected Catholic nun warned that the sidelining of parents in the raising of children was a satanic plot. “God created the family, not a village, to raise children,” she said.

She also pointed to the growing role of the United Nations in education. “To obey the UN is to obey the devil,” she said, warning that Pope Francis was wrong on this issue and that his teaching on obeying the UN was heretical.

In recent weeks, Mother Miriam has been warning parents that there is nothing more urgent than rescuing their children from anti-God indoctrination in government schools.

As reported at FreedomProject Media’s The Newman Report, there is a growing movement among conservative and Christian leaders to remove children from government schools. These include Rush Limbaugh, Franklin Graham, Mother Miriam, David Lane, and more.

You can order copies of Rescuing Our Children directly from The New American here.

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