UN Demands “Green Nudges” in Video Games to Manipulate Gamers

Dictators Club successfully conscripts video-game CEOs to join war against freedom, prosperity

The United Nations announced this week that it has conscripted almost two dozen of the world’s top video-game companies in the war against individual liberty, economic prosperity, and self-government masquerading as a fight against “climate change.” Consumers will be the useful idiots.

In a press release celebrating the news, the UN said the companies promised to “harness the power of their platforms” to respond to the alleged “climate crisis.” The exact details of what that might look like were not provided, but the UN said there would be efforts to manipulate people dubbed “green nudges” added to the games to surreptitiously propagandize gamers.

The list of companies willing to exploit their customers and further sully their brands to get in bed with the dictators club includes Microsoft, Google, Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ubisoft, and many more. Combined, the firms have an audience of nearly a billion people, the UN said.

The logo for the new UN alliance of video game companies.

The commitments were announced at UN headquarters in New York City during the Secretary-General’s “Climate Action Summit.” The coalition of crony-capitalist video game companies–a green cartel?–is being dubbed “Playing for the Planet Alliance.” Seriously!

Anyone unfamiliar with the UN’s totalitarian ideology known as “sustainable development” can learn more about the real agenda here. More details on the UN Agenda 2030 “master plan for humanity” can be found here.

“The video games industry has the ability to engage, inspire and captivate the imaginations of billions of people across the world,” said Executive Director Inger Andersen with the far-left UN Environment Programme (UNEP). “This makes them a hugely important partner in addressing the climate emergency.”

Andersen praised the companies for hitching their wagons to the UN and its radical agenda, too. “We are encouraged by the commitment of these gaming companies, which shows recognition that we all must play our role in the global effort to lower carbon emissions and effect real change towards sustainability,” he added.

Crony CEOs hoping for good publicity by betraying their consumers and their countries celebrated it, too. “I am honored and feel privileged to join leaders in the gaming industry to make commitments to contribute to the efforts of the UN,” said Jim Ryan, President and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Notably absent from the list of companies joining the UN’s anti-freedom alliance was Nintendo.

Sony’s video game division announced a commitment to “educate and inspire the gaming community to take action on climate change.” It was not clear whether members of the “gaming community” were consulted on the new scheme, which seeks to conscript video game players into joining the UN’s global war on freedom.

Perhaps more troubling, Ryan did suggest that users of his products were being manipulated into supporting dangerous and totalitarian schemes without even realizing it. “We believe games have the power to ignite social change through educating people, evoking emotions, and inspiring hope,” said Ryan, who oversees Playstation.

Microsoft, a sick company that has poured massive sums into all sorts of horrors ranging from Common Core to the slaughter of unborn babies through abortion, sounded even more enthusiastic. Among other pledges, Microsoft vowed to “engage” gamers in “sustainability efforts in real life” through messaging, propaganda, and manipulation in its video games.

“Climate change is impacting each industry and every sector, and we believe technology can play a critical role in enabling and empowering the response to this challenge,” said Phil Spencer, executive vice president of gaming at Microsoft, saying the “gaming community” would be brought on board.

Also jumping on the bandwagon is Google, a far-left company that has been exposed trying to manipulate elections in favor of Democrats while seeking to silence conservatives and Christians. Google Stadia, set to launch later in 2019, will begin funding research into “green nudges”–subtle manipulations of people’s thoughts–and how they can be incorporated into video games.

Other companies making commitments include Ubisoft, which vowed to “develop in-game green themes.” Creative Mobile’s ZooCraft, meanwhile, pledged to “evolve into a conservation-focused game” and to create “awareness with kids to make them ambassadors for climate change with in-game events and initiatives.”

Unsurprisingly, Communist China’s largest gaming platform, iDreamSky, promised to add “green nudges” into its games as well. And Niantic, the company behind Pokemon Go, vowed to “engage their community to act around sustainability issues.” The firm behind Angry Birds, Rovio Entertainment, sounded religious, promising to become “evangelists for action.”

Just this weekend, the Liberty Sentinel reported that the UN had developed a “sustainability” guide for lazy people to advance UN Agenda 2030 and “save the planet” from your sofa. Among other suggestions, it called on lazy globalist-environmentalist dupes to snitch on online thought criminals.

Consumers and gamers should do their best to avoid companies willing to jump into bed with the UN, an alliance of dictators and mass murderers dedicated to centralizing control over the masses and smashing freedom. And shareholders should speak out, too.

Manipulating innocent video-game players with UN propaganda is sick–and it is going to be bad business. These companies should be ashamed of themselves.

Watch the UN’s propaganda video about the initiative:

Playing for the Planet: How Video Games Can Deliver for People and The Environment from GRID-Arendal on Vimeo.

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