Nobel Laureate Crashes US Bishops Conference to Expose Climate Hoax

BALTIMORE, Maryland–There is no “climate crisis” and the Catholic Church must stop pretending that there is, explained Nobel Laureate in Physics Dr. John Clauser, Climate Depot Publisher Marc Morano, and journalist Alex Newman at a press conference during the annual U.S. Conference of Bishops.

Dr. Clauser, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics last year, insists that the science does not support the notion of a human-caused climate crisis. Calling himself a “climate denialist,” he joins the ranks of skeptical scientists from around the world who are speaking out.

Journalist Alex Newman, who has traveled the world attending United Nations “climate” summits since 2009 for The New American magazine, focuses on how even non-scientists can know that the climate alarmism is based on fraud. He also highlights the pagan religion elements woven throughout the climate movement.

Morano, a former congressional staffer who now edits the most important skeptical website focusing on climate, exposes the hysterical narrative being peddled by the “mainstream” media–and why it is so ridiculous.

Watch the press conference below (Newman’s segment starts around 1:23):

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  1. Every planet in our solar system is experiencing “warming.” I don’t think humans on earth have anything to do with warming on Saturn, Jupiter, Venus or Mars. Don’t believe me. Research yourself over the internet. The scary thing is how the MSM has stuffed this down our throats. Communist conspiracy?

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