UN Report Attacks US, Constitution & God-Given Rights

A United Nations “human rights” committee investigation into the United States concluded that the U.S. Constitution should be changed and the U.S. government should impose additional infringements on free speech and gun rights to comply with UN agreements, explains The New American Senior Editor Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State.

Despite its attacks on America, the UN report praises the Biden administration for promoting abortion, transgenderism, homosexuality, and gun control. However, it argues that much more is needed including constitutional amendments, for the United States to be in compliance with a UN covenant on “civil and political rights.”

The report comes as American anger at the UN and calls for defunding it are growing louder.

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13 thoughts on “UN Report Attacks US, Constitution & God-Given Rights”

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    A Call for Honesty

    Why when I Google for the UN definition of “terrorism” am I taken to various links which do not give me a clear definition? If they cannot properly define the word why would I trust them to be able to intelligently discuss the US Constitution?

  2. Giving up freedoms? No thanks. Fighting to keep the country sovereign? Yes please. Being 10000000 times smarter than your average liberal idiot? Easy. Just read a history book. Globalism is slavery.

  3. The UN is a trash can that needs to be emptied. My rights come from God, not government. “Among those rights” are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

  4. You are kidding me, right? We feed and clothe and pay for everything they have and they want what made US great and even generous to give up all of that – for them?

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