UN & Bill Gates “50-in-5” Plot is “Digital Prison” for Humanity – Alex Newman on OAN

The United Nations and Bill Gates 50-in-5 scheme to impose “Digital Public Infrastructure” including digital ID, digital currency, and digital wallets is really a plan to eliminate privacy and liberty worldwide, explains journalist Alex Newman on In Focus with Alison Steinberg of One America News Network (OAN).

The UN-led plan, which involves getting 50 national governments fully onboard with digitization and “digital public goods” in 5 years, aims to create digital systems that are interoperable. The goal is for all of humanity must participate.

Eventually, Newman explains that the evildoers behind the so-called “Fourth Industrial Revolution” (4IR) such as Klaus Schwab hope to see “fusion” of people’s digital and biological identities. The implications should alarm all who care about privacy, freedom and civilization.

2 thoughts on “UN & Bill Gates “50-in-5” Plot is “Digital Prison” for Humanity – Alex Newman on OAN”

  1. This was a great segment. I would just like to add that Gates Foundation, World Bank, and other NGO’s are also in the process of building this infrastructure in the public schools with their “Personalized Learning Pathway”, which will house all of the records and transcripts of students. They want to use “skills badges” as a form of currency for the “future of work” where everything will be stored on blockchain, and in order for you to gain employment or opportunity, you will have to use this uniform system. I am a teacher, and it’s happening in my district right now unless people wake up. I’ve been trying to educate people about it, but sadly nothing has changed.

  2. A 50 nation collaboration? Considering how bug ridden MS Windows and apps have always been and vulnerable it is to security breaches it should either give us great confidence that a technical project on this scale undertaken by a 50 nation co-op will never ever work or it should scare the beejeezus out of us that it won’t, but they’ll implement it anyway exposing us to the whims of 50 nations’ bureaucrats and the bad intent of hackers and cyber criminals.

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