Pastor Targeted with Trump as Border Crumbles & US Follows South Africa to Hell

Pastor Steve Lee, who was indicted in Georgia alongside Donald Trump for trying to help, joins Liberty Hour this week with his attorney to explain that this persecution threatens the 5 rights enshrined in the First Amendment for ALL Americans. 

After that, broadcaster and author Brannon Howse joins the program to explain what is really going on with the immigration tsunami coming across the non-existent U.S. border. He also warns about economic and banking carnage right around the corner, in addition to sounding the alarm about the fake media’s “UFO” agenda. 

Finally, Dr. Harry Booyens, author of a critical book called AmaBhulu about South Africa, explains the eerie parallels between what happened to his nation and what is happening to the United States right now. This will not end well if it’s not reversed, he warns. 

In news, Alex breaks down the latest news from Capitol Hill on the impeachment and continuing resolution, how RINO Republicans are scheming with Democrats to pass this giant Biden budget, how Biden is ordering the press to cover for him, a new study debunking UN climate lies, and much more. 

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