Who is Behind the Deep State? Alex Newman with Jan Markell – Olive Tree Ministries

Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries spends the hour with Alex Newman, an award-winning international journalist, to discuss the monstrous bureaucracy pegged as “the deep state.” Questionable figures really are creating a “deep state” and a shadow government. Can this fit into an end-time biblical scenario?

2 thoughts on “Who is Behind the Deep State? Alex Newman with Jan Markell – Olive Tree Ministries”

  1. Hi, This was a great interview. Alex is a leader and a genius, a person that should be listened to closely. In terms of adding something constructive to the conversation at hand I did want to say when biblical aspects took on dominance in the conversation, I did see that specific references were made to God, and specific references were made to Jesus Christ. But, alas, and to my dismay, not a single time was the Holy Spirit specifically mentioned. Why is that, I had to wonder. I’m pretty sure that once the Holy Spirit gets incorporated into conversations like the one contained in this video happens, we will be on the correct pathway as far as defeating this evil in the world goes. Well, so much more to say, but perhaps I’ve said enough to provide food for thought in the matter. I did want to leave you with this set of relationships that I developed over the course of my biblical studies, studies that have spanned some 20 years now.

    What aspect of the Trinity dominates the Old Testament? The answer to that question would be God.

    What aspect of the Trinity dominates the Gospels? The answer to that question would be Jesus Christ.

    What aspect of the Trinity dominates the New Testament? The answer to this question is the Holy Spirit.

    Not only does the perfect form of God shine through in the above three statements, but an important piece of information comes into sight. Yes, Christians have not yet come to grips with the incredible role that the Holy Spirit plays as the events in the Book of Revelation come to pass.

    I think that, in the end, we will come to realize that delaying our emphasizing if the Holy Spirit now just delays the ultimate defeat if evil.

    Of course, so much more I could and show to you, but barring the opportunity to do that, I do hope I have generated some inquisitiveness inside of all that read this comment.

    Pray, repent, read the Bible. If you are not baptized, get baptized. Learn each and every passage in the Bible that pertains to the Holy Spirit. With or without me saying anything further on the matter, the power of the Holy Spirit may be seen and understood but each of you.

    May God bless you always. May God place you in a fortress so that you can make it through all that us coming.

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