Stop Abortion in Your City, With Mark Lee Dickson

City governments can and should protect the lives of all people in their jurisdiction including unborn children facing execution at the hands of abortionists by becoming sanctuary cities for pre-born babies, explained pro-life activist Mark Lee Dickson in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. In fact, thanks to Dickson’s leadership, over 70 cities have already banned the killing of unborn children, including major cities such as Lubbock, Texas. Of course, the powerful abortion industry has put a target on Dickson’s back, even suing him for saying abortion is murder. In this interview, Dickson, who founded Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn based on his understanding of a key Bible verse in Amos, explains how YOU can turn your city into a sanctuary for babies and protect the lives of the most innocent human beings in your community.

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