Public Schools EXPOSED by Alex Newman on Frances and Friends (VIDEO)

In this interview on the popular Christian TV show Frances and Friends, educator and author Alex Newman, founder and president of Liberty Sentinel Media, discusses the education book he co-wrote with Dr. Samuel Blumenfeld.

The book is known as Crimes of the Educators: How Utopians Are Using Government Schools to Destroy America’s Children. It explains how socialists, communists, humanists, and other enemies of God and freedom such as John Dewey worked to hijack the American public school system. It also explains how they unleashed an illiteracy crisis that has handicapped half of Americans. And the book shows how, if this indoctrination and dumbing down is allowed to continue, the battle for freedom will be lost.

Make sure you watch and share this powerful video with anyone who has children!

1 thought on “Public Schools EXPOSED by Alex Newman on Frances and Friends (VIDEO)”

  1. Thank you. I am hoping to start a Principled Studies Group to help individuals learn and teach American ideas …especially from FACE which Alex is associated. Americans need to pull away from the gov schools and remember Noah Webster and His 1828 American English dictionary. So grateful for your show!!!!

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