Did Anti-Trump Coup Plotters Commit Treason?

Speaking with the great Greg Hunter of USA Watchdog, journalist Alex Newman says the case against President Trump has proven to be an elaborate treasonous hoax and now is the time for consequences.

Newman explains, “The time to prove this is finished. Everybody now knows this was a giant hoax. If this would have happened in any other country, imagine a coup against Angela Merkel where senior officials conspired to make up stuff and overthrow her government.

Imagine this against Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron or the President of Mexico. In any one of those countries, all the coup plotters, all the traitors would have been rounded up, arrested and put on trial. Even the people realize this was a hoax, and not just a hoax because a hoax implies something funny or playful–this was a plot. This was a conspiracy to overthrow the democratically elected President of the United States and overthrow our constitutional system of government using criminal means to wage war on the United States. . . . There is nothing to discuss anymore. We know they did it. It’s time for them to be arrested and put on trial. I am very pleased that President Trump is using the word ‘treason.’ That’s the word that needs to be used, and the time to strike is now.”

Newman also says what happened in the failed coup to overthrow President Trump is much bigger than Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration. Newman contends, “This is much bigger, and the reality is the Deep State you are hearing talked about on the mainstream media and FOX News is about rogue bureaucrats. They are talking about FBI officials and officials at the intelligence agencies such as John Brennan and potentially even Obama and Hillary. The reality is the Deep State goes so much deeper than that. Behind the scenes, there is this vast network of secret organizations . . . where all the Deep Staters that we see interlock and meet up with Deep Staters that we don’t see. Probably the premier U.S. example of this is the Council on Foreign Relations. This is an international movement . . . and the goal has always been, as they admit themselves . . . the goal has always been to subvert U.S. sovereignty and merge us into a global regime that people call the New World Order.”

On the outrageous open borders and baby killing policies of the now far left Democrat party, Newman says, “The crazy is now coming out of the closet. That’s why they want the open borders. They know they have lost the American people. They are now coming out of the closet with this kookiness. They kill babies, they praise a communist cop killer. . . . We knew this was the Democrat party. We knew that the elites held these crazy views, but the public at large didn’t. Now, they are revealing their true colors. . . .

Read more at Greg Hunter‘s website.

Read the article at The New American that Greg and Alex started off discussing here.


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12 thoughts on “Did Anti-Trump Coup Plotters Commit Treason?”

  1. Well Alex, as usual your segment with Greg Hunter was way to short. Excellent but short. Nice new web site! Just read your comparative piece on Switzerland and still feel our Founding Fathers alchemised the best of all combinations, however, as you told me in January 2019, Switzerland would likely be the best choice to relocate should America collapse.

    I still believe you are one of the best informed and educated individuals America has to turn this ship around. Hopefully, with homeschooling and private schools, enough minds will be free enough to see the light of freedom! In addition, as Christianity seems to fade with youth(actually all age groups under 65), your voice, as a young Christian (family) man, is more important than ever. Continued success, Alex. God Bless you and your family. John

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement John! Really appreciate it. delighted that you were able to catch USA Watchdog today too. One of my favorite shows! 🙂

  2. Avatar
    James Atherton

    Keep showing the emperor is naked. Chapter eight, Right Brain VS Left Brain, of your book, Crimes of the Educators, with Sam, proves “scientifically” the tax funded education system is committing child abuse. Would not a legal tort bring some light to the bad behavior?

    1. Thank you James! Yes, the Emperor is definitely naked 🙂 Actually, a lawyer in California was going to pursue a legal tort on the “Crimes” listed in Crimes of the Educators, but I have not heard from him for some time. Reminds me I need to reach back out. How do you think we could get this information out to more people?

      1. Avatar
        James Atherton

        Pray, pick op a mega phone, and strap on our boots. I live in rural Oregon where Secular Human has been, declared by a federal court, as an official religion. https://answersingenesis.org/blogs/ken-ham/2014/12/01/secular-humanism-recognized-in-court/ This is a violation of my first amendment right, by coercing me to pay taxes; 58% of my property tax, to promote “their humanistic religion” in school.
        If “sight reading” and “whole language” truly damage a child’s brain, and I believe they do, Like an x-ray of a broken bone, Dehaene’s brain scans should be enough proof for a jury of our peers, to award whatever damages a young, aggressive lawyer may desire.
        Proverbs 22:15. Carrot and stick; and all of Proverbs.

          1. Law firm Morrison & Foerster, or attorney Mark Rosenbaum had any success?
            Oregon’s federal religious position of humanism may be more fertile ground. I am willing to do some digging. Beating the ‘educator’s’ wallets with a stick may unfortunately produce fruit.

          2. It doesn’t seem like the suit went anywhere, but yes the Oregon case is interesting too. Why are religious humanists being allowed to indoctrinate children into their (false) religion at taxpayer expense? Please keep me updated on your findings if you do any more digging. Thank you!

  3. Ever ask why there was such a massive disappointment with the Mueller report? The deep state was expecting a Trump conviction— because (wait for it!!)— Mueller had two–yes two reports. One was for his “friends” who were leaking the whole report to their deep state friends well in advance of the official release. The only problem– It was the fake out of the century. Mueller kept his true report secret to save himself from his “friends”. What a surprise!!

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