UN Funding Terror; Armed Mom Saves Child; Biden Busted? News of the Day

Interesting News of the Day:

UN Busted Funding Terrorism Again

Once again, the United Nations has been caught using American tax money to finance terrorist groups. This time, the Kenyan government is speaking out, warning that the UN has been making huge payments to the Islamist terror organization al-Shabaad in neighboring Somalia.

Read more: United Nations linked to Al Shabaab payments

Armed WV Mom Stops Egyptian from Kidnapping Daughter

An armed mother in West Virginia pulled a gun on an Egyptian Arab trying to kidnap her 5-year-old daughter. She then told the police, who arrested the man at the same mall. As usual, very little about it in the fake media.

Read more: A Man Tried To Kidnap A 5-Year-Old Girl. Then Mom Pulls A Gun…

Biden Accused of Corruption.. in Ukraine

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is in enough trouble for creeping out women and little girls with his inappropriate touching. Now an investigative journalist has unearthed a new scandal–it seems Biden pressured Ukrainian authorities into firing the chief prosecutor. One motive: the prosecutor was investigating a company that Biden’s son served as a director for.

Read more: Investigative Journalist Uncovers Stunning Biden Docs… In Ukraine

Equality Act Would Criminalize Christianity

The Equality Act being pushed by Democrats in Congress would declare basic Christian doctrine to be discriminatory and illegal, Alex Newman explains in this national radio interview with the great Chuck Wilder. Alex also explains why many black pastors are up in arms about this effort to equate “sexual orientation and gender identity” with skin color.

Listen to the full show (starts one hour in): Equality Act to Criminalize Christianity

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