Soviet Shootdown of KAL007 & HERO Rep. McDonald: What REALLY Happened?

Forty years ago, the Soviet Union shot down civilian airliner KAL 007 carrying Congressman Larry McDonald, one of the most important leaders in the fight against Communism and the Deep State behind it, and yet even after 40 years Americans still do not know the truth about this, explained The New American magazine Senior Editor Alex Newman in this episode of Behind The Deep State. More and more evidence suggests that, contrary to what the public was told, McDonald and the other passengers and crew survived and were captured by the Soviet regime after making an emergency landing, potentially in the ocean. McDonald was the leading anti-communist in Congress and chairman of the John Birch Society, and the establishment was getting concerned that he would become unstoppable if he decided to run for president. Instead, the Soviets took him out of the game. Forty years after this horrific crime, Americans need and deserve real answers, Alex says.

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