Top Astrophysicist Explains New Studies Debunking Climate Hysteria

The observed warming attributed by the United Nations and climate establishment to human emissions of CO2 is better explained by the urban heat-island effect and changes in solar activity, explained leading astrophysicist Dr. Willie Soon in this interview with The New American magazine’s Alex Newman. Dr. Soon, one of the lead authors on three new studies showing this, said the UN IPCC is ignoring this data and “cherry picking” to promote the narrative.

2 thoughts on “Top Astrophysicist Explains New Studies Debunking Climate Hysteria”

  1. Also, coastal and waterfront urbanization with childhood-vax population explosion for abundant cheap foreign labor, that causes ocean fecal matter and plastics pollution. NOT from “climate change” nor CO2 hoax.
    Tackle the real problem, folks: white guilt vax of 3rd world for cheap labor, and post-colonial global trade.
    Only MAGA is a sustainable future.

  2. Dr. Soon is telling the truth, therefore, he must be silenced and marginalized by the left. The left has its agenda but the scientist, Dr. Soon, contradicts the narrative.

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