World on Fire; Coming to the US Soon—Prepare Now

With the Middle East in flames and millions pouring across the Southern U.S. border, it’s only a matter of time before the chaos is unleashed in the United States too. It’s time to get prepared.

That was the warning offered by several of Alex Newman’s guests on Liberty Hour for AMP News including Washington State gubernatorial candidate Semi Bird, a longtime career military official, as well as Charl Van Vyk, who famously defended his congregation from a terrorist attack.

Also joining the program was speaker and media commentator Courtenay Turney, whose personal story is an inspiration to people everywhere. She and Alex discussed the “Compassion Trap,” the subject of her ReAwaken America speech.

In the news, Alex broke down the latest on the Middle East, exposed what appear to be giant concentration camps in Texas, the insurrection at the Capitol by pro-Hamas demonstrators, and more.

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