Trump Acknowledges God, Our Creator, Source of Rights: AMAZING

When was the last time you heard a president talk like this? He sounds like our founders!

2 thoughts on “Trump Acknowledges God, Our Creator, Source of Rights: AMAZING”

  1. While I support everyone’s right to worship as they choose, I have studied Islam enough to have grave reservations about allowing it into any society which values religious freedom. When analyzed line by line, verse by verse, the Koran, Sira, and Hadith are revealed to be a political program for violently achieving total domination, dressed up with just enough religion and spirituality to fool the unsuspecting in tolerant societies.

    1. Hey Tom! Yes, in my work on the Sharia Tip Sheet years ago, I also studied those documents, and have similar concerns. If we see what happened to Christian North Africa for example, it should serve as a warning. Are there any verses in particular that jumped out at you?

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