avatar for Aaron PotsickAaron Potsick (1)

Aaron is a follower of Christ, a family man, and a veteran history educator with broad experience.

Alex NewmanAlex Newman (24)

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist with a global reputation for hard-hitting reporting & the founder of Liberty Sentinel.

avatar for Cliff KincaidCliff Kincaid (3)

Cliff is an internationally renowned journalist, anti-communist, and the founder of USA Survival.

avatar for Dan SmithwickDan Smithwick (1)

Dan leads the Nehemiah Institute.

avatar for Elaine WillmanElaine Willman (1)

With a master's in public policy, Elaine is among America's leading experts on federal Indian policy and has authored two books on the subject. She is proud of her Cherokee ancestry and has lived much of her life on Indian reservations.

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We work hard to bring you the information you need to stay free!

avatar for Paul SymonsPaul Symons (5)

Paul Symons is a contributing editor to Liberty Sentinel with a long background in journalism.

avatar for Robert DreyfusRobert Dreyfus (1)

Bob is a longtime activist supporting freedom and traditional, Christian education.

avatar for Sean Jackson @LogosOfHealthSean Jackson @LogosOfHealth (2)

Sean spent his early career investigating financial fraud and charity mismanagement. Later, he moved into human psychology and its impact on physical health before developing supplements and marketing campaigns. Top 10 companies have used those skills in their sales and training departments for the last 6 years.

avatar for Viv ForbesViv Forbes (1)

Viv Forbes is Executive Director of the Saltbush Club.

avatar for William FedererWilliam Federer (1)

William Federer is a leading American historian and author. His American Minute work is made available for reprinting and duplication with acknowledgment.