COVID Tyranny 2.0 Incoming: What Can You Do?

COVID lockdowns, mask mandates, and vaccine requirements are coming back, warns Dr. Jane Ruby, a licensed nurse practitioner, internal medicine specialist, and medical cardiology professional. Alex Newman, Liberty Sentinel CEO, and Dr. Ruby provide action items for how YOU can push back against this tyranny on The Sentinel Report for Lindell TV.

Next up on the show, Alex sits down with Pastor Seth Tweedale to discuss how Christians should respond to this evil and what the Bible says about government and the separation of church and state. 

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1 thought on “COVID Tyranny 2.0 Incoming: What Can You Do?”

  1. The WHO organizations has the Biden Admin in their back pocket. Whatever the Who says Biden
    will do. This latest scare is just beginning and could very well result in lockdown 2.0 this winter.
    Then a couple months before the election perhaps another round of disease will be unleashed,
    just in time to lockdown again so there is no election. Only this time they will suspend the constitution
    and declare marshal law……….of course if the Dems have a clear shot to win [esp. without Biden]
    then this probably wont occur. Buckle up!

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